Full Grooming Services

We offer a complete service to your puppy, cuts of your choice or the reference according to breed. Our hairdressers attend personally telling the recommendations of the appropriate cut for the pet.

Flea & Tick Bath

Variety of processed and natural products for skin care and hair of our pets, which in some cases need more than just a cosmetic product to solve a problem of regular grooming.

Ear Cleaning

Cleaning ears is an often forgotten task of home grooming for dogs, but regular maintenance of the ear canal is a crucial part of any dog's health.

Nail Clip Anal Gland

This procedure is done during normal visits to the groomers, but if you take over these tasks, you will want to know how to do this. It is not difficult, but be prepared for the odor these little glands give off.

Medicated Bath

They are an alternative dermatological medical treatment in cases of pathologies that over 25% of the skin and the medicated product is shampoo, solution or gel is in contact with the entire body surface ensuring better penetration and effectiveness arise the treatment

Bows & Bandana for all Pets

Wide range of products

We carry Clothes & Accessories Perfumes

We have those pet accessories that are just accessories such as jewelry, perfumes, clothing, costumes

Collar & Leashes

In Biyu Puppies and Grooming we have selected different models of necklaces for you to stay with the one that fits your needs

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